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AXA Research Fund - Exceptional Flash Call for Proposals on Covid-19

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In response to the current Covid-19 crisis, the AXA Research Fund Team is launching a flash call for projects: Mitigating risk in the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Projects should focus on:

  • Protecting vulnerable populations from epidemics and catastrophes, including COVID-19: be it migrants, informal settlements, workers in the informal economy, isolated people, people with disabilities, the elderly
  • Improving data collection and quality in health: how can data and technology help us get out of the crisis, understand it and mitigate it? How can it inform future containment and epidemic control?
  • Understanding the effects of confinement and social distancing: what are the effects of confinement and social distancing on society and households? What are the mental health consequences? The social and domestic repercussions?
  • Early warning and preparedness: how do we re-enforce our health infrastructure and ecosystem (including medical devices and drug supply) to be better prepared and how do we protect our health workers and caregivers?
  • Preserving the environment and our health: connections between climate change, biodiversity loss and the origin of viral disease including socioeconomic dynamics leading to infectious disease outbreaks and sanitary crisis; Learnings from COVID-19 for mitigating future related crises in climate and biodiversity

The call will close on May 7, 2020 4PM Paris time. More information on the call can be found 王者威尼斯游戏代理.


To submit your proposal, please use the template in appendix in the document attached.


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